Five-Year-Old Girl’s 911 Call Has People Cracking Up

Kids are so dang cute, and they also like to be helpful every chance they get. Sometimes a serious situation occurs and a child’s ability to stay calm is not only incredible but also sometimes funny (as long as everything turns out OK).

One little girl named Savannah, age 5, probably saved her dad’s life when she took over a phone call after he called 911. Once her dad got on the phone, he couldn’t finish talking because he became short of breath and started having chest pains.

Luckily, the 911 operator was obviously well trained and he handled Savannah beautifully, directing her every step of the way in what she needed to do.

Watch this video and listen to the call. There’s a transcript below the video if you prefer to read.

By the way, dad is feeling well and is “so far, so good.”

Dispatcher: What’s wrong

Savannah: Um…my Dad can’t hardly breathe.

Dispatcher: OK…hold on a second, OK?

Savannah: OK

Dispatcher: How old are you?

Savannah: I’m 5 years old.

Dispatcher: OK, what’s your name?

Savannah: Savannah.

Dispatcher: OK, Savannah, hold on, I’m getting them dispatched, OK?

Savannah: OK…You need to come real fast.

Dispatcher: OK Savannah. I have them on the way. Is your daddy still awake?

Savannah: Yeah.

Dispatcher: OK. Is your front door unlocked, Savannah?

Savannah? Uh…is our front door unlocked? No.

Dispatcher: OK Savannah, can you go unlock that front door for me?

Savannah: Sure.

Dispatcher: OK

Savannah: OK, I am going to go…Don’t worry, Dad!

Dispatcher: Can you ask him if this has ever happened before?

Savannah? Has this ever happened? No, so far so good. He’s still awake.

Dispatcher: Hey, ask him if he has any kind of chest pain?

Savannah: Do you have any chest pain? Yes.

Dispatcher: OK.

Savannah: This is his first time.

Dispatcher: OK. I got them on the way so…

Savannah: OK. We’re in our jammies…and I’m in a tank top. So…I’ll have to get dressed.

Dispatcher: OK.

Savannah: I don’t…what I am gonna wear, but…he really needs oxygen, real fast. Yes, the door’s unlocked.

Dispatcher: OK

Savannah: It’s OK.

Dispatcher: Is he still doing OK, Savannah?

Savannah: Yeah. He’s OK.

Dispatcher: OK.

Savannah: I’ll go…I’ll be in my room and I’ll be putting on…um…

Dispatcher: Say, Savannah, I want you to stay there with your Daddy, OK?

Savannah: OK

Dispatcher: I need you to make sure he stays awake. So.

Savannah: OK. I got that. And…we have a dog…that’s really, um, small.

Dispatcher: So he’s friendly?

Savannah: He’s friendly.

Dispatcher: OK

Savannah: He kind of barks…

Dispatcher: He kind of barks? That’s alright though.

Savannah: Lou come on!

Savannah: The ambulance is on the way. Come on Lou Lou. Come here.

Dispatcher: Is your Dad OK still?

Savannah: Yeah.

Dispatcher: OK

Savannah: So far so good. Stay calm, Dad.