See Why Millions Are Calling This Expressive Cutie the Real-Life ‘Baby Boss’

Many believe Charisma is one of those things you can’t teach, that you are either born with it or not. And some believe it’s a confluence of learned behaviors. Whichever it may be, there is just something about charismatic people that really makes us want to like them. And these folks are not hard to spot if you go to parties. They are usually the people with a crowd around them as they speak.

Charisma (also known as swag or swagger) is one of those things that can be used in good ways or bad. This attribute almost instantly wins people’s trust, which is why so many successful politicians and actors tend to have it.

And when it comes to kids, there are some with charisma to spare, such as the little guy in this video.

The video was taken at a holiday work party, and it shows a woman hanging out with her boss’ infant son.

The child suddenly turns and stares intently at the woman, almost bewildered, before turning back to the camera and delivering a smirk that broke the internet.

This nine-second video has generated over 15 million views on YouTube alone, with many in the comments section predicting how this little guy’s destined for greatness — We can’t disagree. Be sure to share this cute video with your friends and family, and as always, thank you for your support.