Seniors at Assisted Living Facility Are Creating Iconic Movie Posters and the Internet Is Obsessed

The Senior residents of the Spiritwood Assisted Living in Washington State have been getting fussy with makeup recreating iconic posters from classic movies for quite a while now. This idea was fashioned by the community relations director of the residents’ home, Jennifer Angell. She aims to integrate a different kind of activity that will be fun for the residents and raise money.

This idea will give the seniors something to occupy them that they will be looking forward to. The elderly will be dressed up as Holywood movie stars, and she will photograph them after doing their hair, makeup, and costume. She would just do one photo at a time and will show it to the community, and the featured residents will parade with the dress-up costume around the lunchroom that was so much fun for everyone.

Without realizing it, she would hit the jackpot with the idea of a film star calendar. Her concept of the seniors doing iconic movie posters for calendar raised thousands. It took four months for the whole operation for the first calendar in 2019. A family company, Village Concept that owned the senior home, assembled the calendars for them. What is so amazing is that they were able to sell the first three boxes of the calendars within four days, and all the income goes to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Scroll down to see more of the iconic images.

Iconic version of The Godfather

One ‘way cool’ version of Wayne’s World

This cool senior love The Top Gun

A lovely version of The Queen

A senior elegantly pose for Star Wars

Old school glamor with this stylish rendering of Marilyn Monroe

Another senior having fun with Elf photoshoot

Rendering Sir Alfred Hitchcock from The Birds

The elderly’s annual calendars of the elderly is a venture that brings so much excitement not only to the residents but also to their families. They feel proud and special about themselves in participating in these special projects. Because of the success, Jennifer already gave out the scoop for the 2021 theme for the calendar. It will be “Iconic Figures” like pop culture icons alongside historical notables.