She Comes Alone and Terrified to Britain’s Got Talent, Stuns the Judges with ‘My Funny Valentine’

Alice Fredenham, a Beauty Therapist, quietly entered the stage week one of the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.

She confesses that she came to the auditions alone, so she did not have to share the shame of failure. Discussing her stage fright and fear of failing herself, she comments she wants to “prove to everybody that she is here for something maybe more than what they thought.”

As Alice embodies a level of awkwardness of which so many of us can relate, the judges wish her luck.

As the opening music for “My Funny Valentine” plays, Alice wrings her hands. Then, she begins to sing.

Can I Get a Witness?

Alice Fradenham stuns judges with My Funny Valentine

There are moments in life where you think something is going to go one way, and you quickly realize you are about to witness something completely different.

As Alice begins to take the popular show tune song and make it her own, it takes a moment for the judges to catch on, but they do right about 2:05.

You can watch the video here:

The song “My Funny Valentine” has endured decades of popularity. The song is often viewed as a love song but without a rosy sense of optimism. Instead, the song has a balance of happy and sad, and is a little mournful, at times.

When Alice sings this song, it takes on a new and mesmerizing meaning—especially considering her feelings on how she ended up at this audition in the first place.

Shock Sets In

Britians got talent Alice Fredenham

It was evident no one was expecting to take such a personal emotional journey during this audition.

Naturally, Alice’s talent was well received, and the accolades bring her to tears. Simon tells her, “you actually don’t know how good you are…I want to remember this day, the day I met Alice Fredenham.”  After being reassured she let no one down, the judges all gave her a solid ‘yes’ to continue, making her dreams come true.

Images: YouTube