Oh Shiny!

Twig Oaklyn Flewinia Thistlebottom, known to humans as Twig The Fairy, has enchanted everyone she comes across with her sense of wonder and adventure; as well as her quest for SHINY, SPARKLY, WONDROUS, BEAUTIFUL, and HEARTWARMING STUFF! Twig has shared her treasures with all the curious smaller humans at those mysterious places they gather with their larger, slightly less curios companions on their own quest for turkey legs and mead.

She hasn’t quite figured the larger ones out yet! hmm…

But, they do bring all sorts of strange things with them like small, flat things that make noises and capture wondrous images of people around them. There must be tiny painters in there working REAL FAST to make pictures that you can take with you.

Maybe she should look into that! hmm….

Featured image courtesy of Twig The Fairy’s Facebook page.