Simpsons Did It! Lady Gaga’s Epic Super Bowl Performance Was A Lot Like Her 2012 Simpsons Appearance

Almost everyone has seen or at least heard about Lady Gaga’s incredible performance at the Super Bowl LI half time show. It was filled with all the glitter and glamour that is Lady Gaga. Paired with her impeccable vocals and her well-known choreography it was definitely a show that had no issue captivating an audience.

Well, there was something else about her incredible performance that has had everyone talking. It was the striking similarity of her 2012 Simpsons appearance. The people of Twitter were quick to notice and post the similarities.


Still on the edge? Watch these two videos!

The first one is Lady Gaga’s Superbowl LI performance from 2017.

And this one is the 2012 performance on the Simpsons.

Did the Simpson’s have another amazing prediction, or did Gaga use the 2012 Simpsons episode as inspiration? You be the judge and let us know your final verdict.


H/t 22 Words

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