Single Dad Surprises His Daughter In The Most Wonderful Way

Jason Garmon is a single father who has long dreamed of wining a dining a special lady as part of a wonderful evening on the town. But when he heard about a father-daughter dance being held, he decided to use his surprise for the most wonderful woman in his life: his daughter.

The reaction to what this wonderful dad did next has lit up social media. One man wrote:

“[Y]ou are rocking the single dad thing. You are setting the foundation for your kids’ future. They will always remember these small things you do. Your daughter will measure the future men in her life by the things you do for her. Those future guys have a lot to live up to. From one dad to another, you are doing an awesome job.”

Take a look at the photos of how Jason Garmon surprised and delighted his daughter:



On Facebook, Jason posted this:

“Just because I’m her dad doesn’t mean I’m going to assume she’ll go with me.”


The sign Jason created reads: “Will you go to the daddy-daughter dance with me?”


I do believe that’s a Yes!

All Images Via Jason Garmon/Facebook