Sir Mix-A-Lot Performs ‘Baby Got Back’ With the Seattle Symphony and the Video Will Crack You Up

Sir Mix-A-Lot is a rapper who is known for the 1990s classic “Baby Got Back.” In 2014, he performed the song with the Seattle Symphony. The video has since gone viral with over 9 million views.

It’s not just the fact that he performed a rap song with a symphony that makes the video great. He also gets a large group of women from the audience to come dance with him. There is one woman who went viral known as the woman in the black dress for her enthusiastic dancing to the song.

Sir Mix A Lot Symphony women

The woman, Shawn Bounds, said she didn’t know she would be on video. She just said that she remembers being on stage with Sir Mix-A-Lot. Commenting on her dancing, she said she has had plenty of practice because she has been “dancing to that song for 20 years.”

The song, “Baby Got Back,” has become a 1990s classic and an almost silly song today, but it was quite scandalous when it was released.

Sir Mix A Lot Seattle symphony

Back in the 1980s, the music videos all featured thin, Caucasian models in videos by bands such as Whitesnake and Bon Jovi. Hip hop and rap were still fairly new, and no one had seen a video with voluptuous models before.

In 1992, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s original video came out on MTV for Baby Got Back and it briefly banned by MTV because of it’s lewd lyrics and its references to female anatomy.

It was one of the first videos celebrating black and brown bodies as well. It is an ode to curvy bodies in an era when waif-thin women were being celebrated. Some could argue that thin women are celebrated in the media.

This performance was more than 20 years after the song’s release when Sir Mix-A-Lot returned to his home town to perform in front of the Seattle Symphony. He invites a group of diverse ladies from the audience to dance with him. The video will have you dancing and laughing.

Featured Image: YouTube.