Sleeping Papa Lion Is No Match Against His Four Little Cubs

Here’s another proof that lions are just huge and furry cats! A funny moment where a couple of baby cubs were jumping on their dads is captured on camera. The sleepy male lions looked like they needed even just five more minutes of peace as they try to enjoy their slumber. But the little ones were having none of it. They proceeded to jump all over and bite the drowsy lions as if asking for attention. These four mini predators truly look exactly like our household cats as they play fight with each other and annoy their fathers. Guess the cheekiness of children and sleeplessness of parents transcends in all species even in the wild!

One papa lion tried a different tactic and completely ignored them with the hope that these cheeky babies will go away and leave him be. But to no avail! He can’t even have some peace and quiet while peeing as a stubborn cub continued to follow him and grabbed his tail.



They’re really testing the patience of these ferocious kings, huh? Left unfazed, the energetic baby lions continued to play further despite that dads’ clear disapproval. In the end, the parents were still no match against their mischievous kids. It’s time to get up, papa!


This hilarious and adorable sight was filmed in Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Masai Mara- a savannah in Kenya. This conservancy is teeming with wildlife and serves as home to many species. In a perfect world where Mufasa and Scar were still in good terms, they’ll probably look like this. They’ll be stay-at-home buddies who can’t wait for their wives to come home and finally be done with babysitting!

Watch the heartwarming video below and laugh at how the four little cubs defeated their papa lions through their annoying behavior.

Sadly, lions are still of vulnerable conservation status. While they’re not most likely to be extinct soon, there was a drastic decrease in their population. Hopefully, this doesn’t worsen, and we’ll still get to see more of these funny paw-fect encounters in the future.