Son Sends His Mother A Cutout Of Himself As A Joke, She Responds In The Best Way Possible

Belmont University student Dalton Ross just might have the coolest mother in the world. Last January, Dalton left his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, to study abroad in London. It was an exciting adventure, but it was also a bit overwhelming. He told The Huffington Post that it was difficult trying to find the time to talk with his mom back at home.

So, he decided to surprise her one day with a life-size cutout of himself. He figured it would put a smile on his mother’s face, “I thought maybe they’d put it in the living room corner until I got back to remember I exist,” Dalton explained.

But he obviously underestimated his mom, Susan Talley. She wasn’t going to let the lifeless version of Dalton sit in the corner and collect dust.

Susan had bigger plans for Dalton…

A little quality time with the family dog.


Eating fresh at Subway.


A romantic dinner with his beautiful girlfriend.


And the adventures continue in the photos below. The hilarious pictures have received so much love online that one of the restaurants featured (O’Charley’s) sent his family a gift card.

Dalton can’t believe how popular the photos are, “The attention is crazy,” he told Upworthy before adding, “It’s awesome though.”