The Absolutely Perfect Matteo Bocelli Just Gave Us a Live Q&A Chat

Eyes here! Ladies and gentlemen, stop whatever you’re doing right now and get to know the prince of ballad, Matteo Bocelli, a little bit more. Lucky for us, he finally decided to have a Q&A live chat on YouTube for all his beloved fans. I know, I know, I couldn’t stop screaming when I first heard about it too! Finally, we get to have a closer and much intimate look at the famous Italian singer’s life. He started the video and welcomed the viewers with a relaxing, simple melody using his piano.

He then greeted everyone with his killer smile and even humbly talked about how he’s not used to having live streams. Honestly, he wasn’t doing much yet but I could already feel myself swooning over his charm just about a minute in! But the rising star isn’t just appealing and talented- he is also full of wisdom. He talked about his life experiences and even shared with everyone how it’s like growing up with a legendary father. And if you were ever curious about what he does in his free time, it’s here too!

From his hobbies and favorites to his dreams and aspirations, Matteo happily told everyone about all of it. It almost feels like talking to a newfound friend And when asked what his favorite song is, he immediately gave everyone a treat. Instead of just answering it, he sang a laidback solo version of the song, “Fall On Me”. He didn’t finish the entire piece but the snippet is just as magical as the first time I first heard him sing it with his father! But the singing didn’t stop there, I tell you!

Watch the video until the end and know more about this beautiful artist as he serenades you with his gentle voice.

Like his father, he bathed our hearts with pure joy and sweet grace. It was so fascinating to hear such huge talent talk about his life so unassumingly. What a man! He sure does make his father proud.