The Beautiful Moment Two Strangers Play a Piano Duet at Paris Train Station

The passengers in this Paris train station didn’t know they were in for a treat when two blessed musicians played them a piece of amazing music on the piano set there. It started with one man playing what sounded like “Una Mattina” by Ludovico. At that point, passengers here and there are already stopping to watch. Then this man in white stood behind the man playing the piano to admire him and the music he was playing.

At mark 1:10, the man in white seemed to want to join in and started playing a few notes in accordance with the already beautiful music the first man is playing. In the beginning, he was just playing with his right hand, adding flair and additional accents to the piece. At mark 2:30, they started to get into the groove. They moved perfectly and they seemed to be enjoying what each other’s music is creating.


At 2:50, the man in white transferred to the left side of the piano and played the lower chords. Can you imagine being a passenger at that station during that time? I would have stopped in awe with my mouth open. From there the music beautifully evolved and it was obvious that more and more passengers started to watch. They also started taking videos of the beautiful rare occurrence that is happening.


The entire 7-minute piece was really mesmerizing showing that music is really universal and even magical. These two strangers gave the passengers a treat by just doing what they love and letting each other help create their beautiful music. When the music was done, the two just exchanged shrugs and a high-five while the people clapped.

Watch the video below and look at how these two strangers turned an ordinary day into a magical day for the passengers.

Don’t you just wish you were there when they did that? I do!