The World’s 9 Youngest Comedians (VIDEOS)

Kids are really funny. That’s not just my opinion; that’s basically a law of nature. Whether children know what they’re doing or not, they say and do the funniest things – it’s both adorable and hilarious. Precocious or not, here are 9 kids that are beyond their age in terms of humor and sheer cuteness. Try not to smile while watching these videos, I dare you!

Hooked On Phonics? Not So Much

Yep, That’s How You Say It

So Much Passion! (WARNING – LOUD)

Victory Is Too Tired For This Right Now

Look At That Face! This Kid Is Adorable!

It’s Always Hard To Resist Cookies

The Best Part? Her Dad Is A Teacher!

This One’s A Classic – What A Contagious Laugh!

Vine Star Gavin Teaches Yoga And Cardio – So Talented!


Featured image via YouTube