There Will Be Some Completely Unexpected Honored Guests in NBA Courtside Seats

Dogs and cats are by far the best house pets. Not because they are fluffy and cute, but they love differently. They are loyal, sweet, and loving. That being said, we believe that they deserve to be loved and nurtured, but one thing that saddens us is that not every dog and cat is in a good home. Or at least in the right place where they can be warm, where there is food, and a home buddy to play along. But thank heavens because there are animal shelters and organizations that are willing to keep homeless animals until they get adopted by a home that’s ready to support them- forever.

The pandemic did not stop the opening of the new NBA season this year. With mass gathering not allowed, the NBA has this virtual audience where one of the participants is cats and dogs waiting to be adopted. During the Game 3 West Conference Finals, 28 dogs and two kittens with their fosters got the virtual courtside seats. It is also announced that the thirty lucky fluffy virtual audiences are hundred percent adaptable and, of course, adorable! These pets are currently fostered by Best Friends Animal Society and its rescue partners. Such a fantastic idea from the animal welfare society in collaboration with the NBA. As a result, a 4-pound Chihuahua named Jolene got adopted!

Not only that, some interested adopters are looking for three dogs from Midway, Chicago. Daisy May and her babies are also featured in the game, and they are up for adoption in a couple of weeks. It is the very first time that Best Friends showcases adoptable dogs in an NBA game event. It is successful and fun at the same time. Also, in a way, it will make the people more aware of adopting or fostering homeless cats and dogs until they get to their forever home.

With the pandemic going on, animal shelters are also one of the greatly affected. Shortage of food and essentials arise as establishments and the economy slow down. Let us make them feel loved in these trying times by adopting or fostering.

Let us not just open our doors for them but also our hearts. After all, once you love them, they will return that love a thousandfold.