These Artists Will Transform Your Child’s Drawings Into Amazing Pieces Of Jewelry


Meet Tasarim Takarim, the artist team who are changing the current landscape of the fashion world. Since 2015, Tasarim Takarim has managed to turn childhood treasures into memorable, wearable pieces of art — exciting parents all over the globe.

The artistic duo, comprised of Yasemin Erdin Tuvukcu and Ozgur Karavit, explain on their Etsy page how they believe that “children’s art is the most important building block of creativity.” Tuvukcu, a painter and graduate student studying creativity and drawing, works alongside Karavit, a goldsmith and sculptor.


Tuvukcu and Karavit, both mothers, cite their children Serin and Karem (respectively) for the inspiration behind their unique work. In short, the women show their appreciation for children’s drawings, paintings, and sculptures by transforming the artworks into precious jewelry. And it becomes clear, based on the popularity of the Tasarim Takarim Etsy shop, that these mothers have some really creative kids.


How It Works

There are three variations of art that can be purchased using Tasarim Takarim’s unique designs: art, prints, or writing. Regardless, customers first determine which type of artwork to create. Currently, the shop only offers transformation for children’s original artwork, hand or foot prints, or writing.

To start, customers must contact the Tasarim Takarim shop on Etsy. After reviewing the artwork, prints, or writing chosen by the customer, Tasarim Takarim will determine whether or not the piece can be turned into wearable artwork.

Afterwards, the customer must choose from a variety of jewelry styles. The Turkish artists currently offer the following types of jewelry:

  • Necklaces
  • Brooches
  • Cuff Links
  • Bracelets

In addition, the shop offers tabletop sculptures for certain types of drawings.


Prices range, but generally begin around $125USD for a single piece of jewelry.

Exactly how Tuvukcu and Karavit actually make the jewelry pieces is somewhat of a mystery. But, in a matter of weeks, a child’s crayon drawing can magically transform into a silver-plated or gold-plated necklace.

For more information behind the minds at Tasarim Takarim, visit their personal website.

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