These Japanese Plush Toys Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

Do you ever see something and wonder why it exists? Japan is full of these things. You don’t have to live there – just look online and you’ll find some of the weirdest stuff ever. Here are just a few plush toys that hail from Japan, the weird capital of the world.

3 Meter Long Seaweed

Via Rocketnews24

Three meters. That’s ten feet of plush seaweed. It’s probably bigger than those two children in the picture combined. Actually, that’s about the actual size of some varieties of seaweed, so I guess this is a good toy for aspiring farmers. They have to get their start somewhere.

Disney’s Cubic Mouth Collection

Via J-Subculture

Yes, it’s Mickey Mouse and his beloved friends, all with unsettling cubic mouths. I guess “the soulless eyes collection” didn’t sound as catchy. Anyway, these designs are by an animator named Satoshi Fumihara, and they’re actually pretty popular in Japan. Good for him.

Kobito-Dukan Plush

Via Aliexpress

What is this thing? What’s up with its face? I can answer one of these questions: it’s part of a franchise in Japan called Kobitos. This one apparently lives hidden in peach orchards and eats by sucking the sugar out of peaches. It’s kind of cute in a weird way.

Realistic Giant Isopod Plush

Via Amazon

I don’t know why these exist, but I guess even giant isopods need love. These plush toys are made as big as 55 centimeters, which is about 2 feet. Perfect for creeping out guests, attracting curiosity, or if you just need something to cuddle with.

Weird Tooth Brushing Toys

Via Inquisitr

Remember those Play-Doh dentist sets? This is kind of like that, except creepier and with more teeth. Like the Play-Doh sets, these toys were intended to encourage good dental hygiene in children. If I saw this thing as a child, I would probably be more encouraged to run away.