This Cat Is Going Viral for 2 Reasons: His Left Eye and His Right Eye

Here’s some purry tail to brighten up your day. Meet Bowie, the cat, a snuggly baby that has caught the heart of the internet. He’s a European Shorthair with stunning blue and green eyes! Bowie has a rare condition called heterochromia, which has caused his eyes to have different beautiful colors. And he’s actually a rescue cat. The poor kitty was found in a park around Benidorm, a coastal town in Spain, where he was abandoned. Bowie was just three months old when the local animal shelter took him in and took care of him.

Until one day, the sweet cat has finally met his hooman and was brought to his furever home. “My sister saw an advertisement looking for a family for Bowie and when we met him, we fell in love,” said Bowie’s owner, Maria Lloret, as she reminisced their heartwarming first meeting. “He was obviously a beautiful cat but he was also so loving, always purring and looking for some warmth. The moment he got home, he started to eat like crazy and fell asleep in my arms,” she added. Keep scrolling down and see some snippets of this gorgeous cat’s adorable life.

  1. Just look at this fur baby enjoying his time basking under the sun.

2. Bowie actually has a playful habit of throwing his toys in the air and catching them.

3. And, of course, what kind of cat doesn’t love boxes?

4. Looks like somebody got really excited playing outside!

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Caption this! . . ¡Ponle título!

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5. Look at that! It even feels like I’m looking at the abyss. Ready for some boop?

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Boop my nose! . . ¡Tócame la nariz!

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6. Bowie, the cat wants to play with you! Peek-A-Boo!

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Peek-A-Boo!🌸🌿💙 #Rainbowie #bowiethecat

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7. Here’s an adorable picture with his cat mum.

8. Rainbow + Bowie = Rainbowie!

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Wait, what⁉️

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9. You know the golden rule of cats. If it sits, it fits!

10. Why so serious, baby?

11. Such amazing artwork!

12. Bowie loves eating! And it seems like the good boy wants his treats now.


While this catto is named after the renowned singer David Bowie, Maria pointed out that she’s well-aware that the musical legend didn’t have heterochromia. She just knew that it’d be the perfect name due to the uncanny resemblance. Just look at those marks! Well, guess we can call it fate.