Sleeping Cat Unfazed as Owner Performs a Perfect Rendition of ‘Merry Go Round of Life’

Here’s a little gift to all Studio Ghibli fans and cat lovers. What you’ll see next is an adorable clip of a seemingly lifelike Ghibli movie that’ll make you feel all whimsical and sweet. A man was exquisitely playing the piano, performing a rendition of the song, “’Merry Go Round of Life’”. And as he gently touches the keys, a cute cat falls deeper and deeper into slumber on the piano itself! You can tell that it’s so contented and happy with the melody, it doesn’t care how loud the piano was. You can even hear this furry baby purr as the camera zooms to it. It sure does love some piano massage!


The pianist makes sure to playfully pat the head and boop the nose of the fur baby as well during pauses. Of course, it’s because that’s the only way to play this piece perfectly! Right? Kidding aside, in case you’re wondering, the cat’s name is Haburu. But Haburu’s not the only music lover feline in the video. By the late half of the clip, you’ll get to meet another cute catto named Pineapple. Unfortunately, you’ll only get to see Pineapple for a short while as it got too distracted and had to do “cat things” away from the piano. Haburu, on the other hand, was a total champ. It was left unfazed from the beginning until the end.


The lovely song was actually the OST of the movie, “Howl’s Moving Castle”. It was composed by Joe Hisaishi, a Japanese composer who’s known for piano scores that give a peaceful atmosphere. He is also the genius behind almost all the other scores of the Ghibli movies- of which he gave justice to. The cat even approves! While the piece was perfectly played by the pianist in the video, you just can’t deny that the two fluffy sweeties definitely stole the show.

Prepare to be filled with so much cuteness and delight as you watch the heartwarming clip below.

It truly looks like something straight out of a Ghibli film, doesn’t it? How adorable and calming!