This Couple Dresses Their Tortoise the Same as Them and the Internet Is Losing It

Pet lovers are people who love domestic animals, but for the couple from Sonoma California Kasey Kuchinski and Daniel Rodriguez, both 33 have an unusual pet. Ethel the four-year-old Sulcata Tortoise is not only a pet but came to see her as their child that delights them. She is the love of the couple’s lives.

We often see posts and pictures of parents with matching outfits with their kids or mothers making a mini-me daughter.

But for this couple they choose outfits for their pet tortoise, that will match perfectly well with their own clothes.

Kasey has a background in fashion design creates all of Ethel’s outfit, first, she will choose clothes for her and Daniel then she will find something for Ethel that will match up.

She is budget-friendly tho’ for she does not spend more than five dollars for Ethel’s outfit, sometimes she alters children’s clothes for her.

She finds endless joy in dolling up her pet tortoise, she got this idea of dressing up with her pet on Instagram where photos of families wear matching outfit.

Daniel and Kasey both work full time so they find time playing this copycat thing only in their free time.

Ethel does not mind wearing clothes since they only make her wear them for about ten minutes for the photoshoot, most of the time she is naked.

Most days she is just like an ordinary pet who feeds on her favorite food, bask and frolic around the beach where she can dig under the sand and rocks to climb.

Ethel is the couples’ sunshine and part of their routine and everyday life.

Some find it silly and funny but for them, it’s adorable and so with Ethel The Glamour Tort who garnered 40,000 followers.