This Dog Enjoys Music More Than You Ever Will

We have all seen all kinds of dogs howling when they hear music. And cute as that may be, it is nothing compared to how this golden retriever chills to this guitar jam. This is not some fake clip, you can see that the dogs reactions are genuine, and the smile shows that this dog enjoys every riff.

This is a dog that every guitarist dreams of. I like to play the guitar and when I do it for my friends, they will often say “meh.”

OK, maybe I should practice more, but having a dog like this can’t be a mistake. Who knows, maybe Bob Dylan and John Lennon had a pet that picked their hits, or maybe it was a breakdancing lizard or a finger snapping turtle.

This proves that music is a universal language. And if you can’t enjoy it like this dog does, then you should change the song you are listening to.


Screengrab via: Youtube