This Father Filmed His Daughter From Birth To Age 16, And It’s Breathtaking To Watch

We’ve all heard the expression, “They grow up so fast” regarding children. And as the father of a nine-year old, I can certainly attest to the truth of the statement.

Well, Dutch artist and father Frans Hofmeester had an amazing idea: He decided he would film 15 second videos of his little girl, Lotte from birth until she became a young teen.

Getting to watch this adorable girl “grow up” right in front of your eyes is truly a breathtaking experience. With the magic of camera and editing technology, we’re allowed to see Lotte during some of the most important moments of her life. When Lotte reaches her mid-teen, we get to see her wearing braces, along with clips of her apparently in tears over something that has upset her.

They grow up so fast! Yes, they most certainly do, so grab hold of each moment and cherish it.

Watch Lotte Grow Up Before Your Eyes