This Girl Wowed the Audience When She Cartwheeled While Playing ‘He’s a Pirate’ on a Foot Piano

As one of the simple and bored people in the world today, I find it amusing to see the talents of other people who oftentimes make me question my existence. I mean, while they are there with overflowing talents, here I am mindlessly scrolling through YouTube lying down on a couch, eating chips, and whatnot, while clicking every recommendation YouTube shows me.

One of my favorite find today is this video of a group of young people playing foot piano. How amazing is that? I can’t even play piano with my hands properly, yet here they are, playing with their feet and being graceful as hell.

Cartwheeled-girlIn the video, you can see a man and a woman playing foot piano to the tune of “He’s a Pirate.” Just seeing them bounce synchronously while looking like they are enjoying it is already feast in the eyes. But the girl took it further and cartwheeled while still being in the beat. Can you imagine the incredible talent they have? Even some people from the crowd can’t help but clap their hands in awe. Did I mention that not a beat was skipped through all these? Unbelievable!

he-is-a-pirate-cartwheelNot long after that, two more people joined them in their performance. They continued the performance totally in sync with each other. The way these four people can move and play the foot piano while looking like they are dancing is just amazing. You can’t help but hum to the tune or maybe nod your head along with their music. Watch their incredible smile-inducing performance below:

Don’t you just love it when people showcase their talents to the world by posting videos of it? The only thing that people didn’t like about this performance is the fact that they are not wearing pirate costumes. Imagine how incredible it is if they are.