This Is Your Song for the Person Who You Get Up for Every Day

There is this TV ad that asks, “What are your motivations to get up from bed every day?” or “Who do you wake up for?” You will lose count of how many times you have risen from your bed every morning but have you given a thought about it. The cliché that says “I wake up every day for family and loved ones”, maybe overrated but that is the plain truth. We rise every morning because of the people we care for and love. It is all about love why we go for our day! So, be loving and get that love, it surely adds meaning to your waking up every morning!

Regardless of our life’s circumstances, the sun rises every morning. It beckons us all to start, giving us another second chance to be awesome than yesterday! And if you feel that it is not yet today, don’t worry, although it won’t wait for you it does promise that another sunrise will come for you tomorrow. So, smile every time you rise, be assured that if it is not now, there is tomorrow. But, don’t take long because you might miss the best that this day has in store for you. Seize it! You may not be able to witness another tomorrow but today is yours to own.

In Andra Day’s “Rise Up” music video, it has put another perspective on why another person has to rise every morning no matter how hard life is. The video was so powerful that it moved more than 180 million viewers with their validation of how relatable the story that the video showed. Directed by the brilliant music director, M. Night Shyamalan.

Andra could not be happier and prouder when Director Shyamalan approached her first. Because according to her “people finally have the chance to experience the message in this story that struck me so deeply.”

Watch the whole video and you too will certainly find inspiration and can validate the realness of your own struggles. You will be left exalting the love from the people behind every reason to live. Before you know it, you will realize more that despite where we are in life, we are all nourished by love, we thrive because of it and we look for love to give more meaning to our being.

Live today because tomorrow is not promised! Love, live, and give aside from play, eat, pray, and live!

Featured image credit: Free-Photos, Pixabay