This New Orleans Brass Band Playing Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ Will Stir Your Soul

Marvin Gaye was a musical icon and genius that was taken away from the world too soon. From “Let’s get it on” to “Sexual Healing” – his soulful ballads truly touched the hearts and minds of countless fans from all walks of life. Marvin has also been mentioned in countless songs and eulogies, including “Night Shift” by The Commodores.

Known for his inspirational lyrics and captivating rhythms, Marvin’s legacy continues to live on in today’s music and poetry. For one New Orleans bass brand, however, their rendition of “Sexual Healing” continues to attract and engage countless die-hard fans and listeners from across the globe.

The Hot 8 Brass Band has done wonders with their cover of the song. So much so-that they are now the focus of many local, regional, and national concerts. While they are also being touted by major record labels, the Band has stayed strong to their local roots in New Orleans.

The Band has also performed on the famed Bourbon Street, and continues to dazzle listeners at area parties and corporate functions. For many within the band, however, the tragedy of Marvin’s death has also paralleled their own personal struggles and issues.

It was, after all, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina that nearly wiped out the music scene in New Orleans years ago. As a hotbed for jazz, soul, brass and other musical styles and genres – the city has always been synonymous with great music and fun. This is the cornerstone of the Band – which helped them persevere over recent tragedies and kept them moving in the right direction. Here is their rendition of Marvin’s classic anthem that continues to captivate and compel listeners around the world:


Screengrab via: YouTube