This Precious 4-Year-Old Just Wants To Help Dogs For The Holiday Season

Grace Coyikaendall

Most 4-year-old children have a Christmas wish list that stretches on for pages. But 4-year-old Grace Coyikaendall doesn’t think the Holidays are about her and the gifts she can get.

Instead of focusing on her own gifts, little Grace is giving to the sheltered animals at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Grace heads to the animal shelters with baskets of treats for the animals who are waiting to find their forever home.

Her mother, Jean Ann Coyikaendall, had this to say about her remarkable daughter:

We fostered for the shelter for a long time, so starting on her second birthday, she started collecting food and this was her third year of doing it. I’m very proud of her because now it’s something that she chooses to do on her own. She has plenty of toys and things, so it’s nice that she wants to do something nice instead of just get more.

Here’s a news report that tells more of Grace’s wonderful story.