This Woman Makes Electronic Music Into Art

Meet Mari Lesteberg, a Norwegian YouTuber whose electronic music videos have been all the rage on Reddit recently! Here’s how her videos work: the program she uses presents the musical notes visually. You can drag and drop them, while also making them into different colors. I think it’s best to show you an example.

Super Mario Electronica

Mari has been into music since she was young. She’s always loved rock music, and even studies music in college! Her visual music was inspired by a video by Andrew Huang, which featured a “midi unicorn.”

She Made Her Own Midi Unicorn Too!

The money from the ads on her videos goes to GiveWell, a nonprofit organization that finds well-rated charities for you to give to, and NOAH, Norway’s top animal rights organization. She also gives to many other animal organizations, since animal welfare is so important to her. I’m glad the money is going to a good place.

Her Music Can Even Tell Stories

If you’re interested, Mari also has a Soundcloud. She also has an Etsy page, which features some items based on her music. To see even more of Mari’s work, definitely check out her YouTube page! She’s very talented and could use a little love.

Featured image via YouTube

Source: Mari’s about page on YouTube