Top 5 Twitter Pro Tips For Parenting

Dirty laundry piled high. Clean laundry wrinkled on the only free couch. Fresh cup of coffee cooling on the edge of the counter.

These types of scenarios are all too common for overrun parents.

And then, out of nowhere, there’s a crash followed by a set of giggles and your body locks up as you smell the faint twinge of coffee begin wafting through the air.

Another coffee cup to bury in the trash with the rest.

Parenting is an endless cycle. It’s the one moment in people’s lives that forever changes the outcome of their existence, and no one really understands the shrewd reality of children until they have stepped on a pile of legos at 3 A.M. and then bit down on their hand to keep from waking the toddler.

Because what people don’t understand is that it took an hour and a half of rejecting requests for water, snuggles, different pajamas, and snacks in order to get that toddler to stay in bed.

Well, the parents of Twitter have some parenting pro tips just for you.

From alternatives to legos all the way to how to get your child’s attention, these tips are sure to aid you in the perils of parenting while offering real-life solutions that are already taking place.

Beats Yelling The Wrong Names Repeatedly.

Guaranteed To Get Your Child’s Attention!

Fake It ‘Til You Make It.

At Least It Wasn’t Legos.

Save Money On An Exterminator.

Now, go forth and perfect your parenting tactics! And, try not to sigh too hard in your cup of coffee in the mornings. The hot liquid will splash up onto your face, causing you to drop yet another coffee cup on the floor.

Trust me.


Featured image courtesy of LifeHack.