Trader Joe’s ‘Karen’ Goes Berserk After Being Asked to Wear a Mask

We have found another Karen loose in the wild. There has been a streak of entitled white ladies having outbursts in public. They have become known as “Karens” on the internet.

A new 16,000 sq ft Trader Joes opened in North Hollywood this week. On the grand opening, this particular Karen was asked to leave for not wearing a face mask. She went berserk and started screaming at the shoppers and throwing merchandise down on the ground.

Here is the original tweet of the incident:

She claims to have a “breathing problem” and can’t wear a mask. However, she seems to be able to breathe just fine to scream at people. She even called everyone “Democratic pigs” as she was being escorted from the store.

Trader Joes Karen throwing down grocery basket

The woman told fellow shoppers:

“That man harassed me for not wearing a mask. I have a breathing problem, my doctor will not let me wear a mask. So anyone harassing me to wear a mask, you guys are violating federal law. Did you get that? Get that on camera.”

Trader Joes Karen screaming at camera

The story even made it to Good Morning America, where a doctor said that if you are healthy enough to be outside shopping, you can wear a mask.

Here is the shopper telling her side of the story. She never specifies what medical condition keeps her from wearing a mask. She thought that the man was harassing her and that’s why she started yelling at everyone. She says that she “felt helpless” and harassed by the manager at Trader Joe’s.

Earlier this week, a doctor made a Facebook video showing how oxygen levels remain the same while wearing proper face coverings.

From Dr. Megan Hall…Hi friends! I have seen numerous posts and heard people complain they “can’t breathe with a mask…

Posted by Ray Arthur on Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Basically, she concludes that it may be inconvenient, but “you can still breathe.”

Another doctor, Dr. Moe Gelbart explained:

“I think with some people, there is this psychological Civil War going on, and the mask is the uniform of the day, so people wearing a mask are on one side of the fence, and people not wearing a mask on the other side is an opportunity to express your views and feelings. All we’ve seen the last few months is division and hatred.”

Featured image: Twitter.