Man Refuses to Wear a Mask in Walmart, Forces His Way Inside Store

In a world where Karens seem to take over the market for crazy public behavior, we cannot forget about the Kyles among us, not they would let us. A Kyle is a male counterpart to Karen, and they are known for not only their blatant refusal to be decent human beings, but they tend to be more physically aggressive. The story of this Kyle, which also happens to be one of the infamous Florida Man stories, takes place in a Florida Walmart. What started this altercation, you might ask? Well, because he was asked to wear a mask for the safety of everyone, of course.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on June 22nd, shows a man forcing his way into a Walmart and being stopped by an employee. The man was told he must wear a mask to enter the store. However, that was too much for his delicate sense of freedom to handle. So, he did what any idiot, uh, patriot would do. He ignored good advice and tried to do whatever he wanted, despite the consequences. The Walmart employee, who deserves far more than he’s getting paid, stood in the way of the Kyle, even as the man repeatedly shoves him and also draws back his fist.

The video starts with the man walking right up to the door as the employee steps in the way. The man pushes the employee several times, but it doesn’t go well for him. At one point, he misjudges his incredible strength, sending him sprawling onto the floor.

Maskless Walmart man forces his way into store

Even with the laughter and apparent resistance, Florida Man will not be stopped from his mission to shop for toilet paper and some chips. He continues to push the employee and attempting to show off his footwork while trying to dodge around the aisles.

Though it shouldn’t need to be said, don’t be a Kyle. This poor employee tried hard to do their job and keep innocent people safe. They certainly didn’t deserve to be assaulted for it. Walmart should have security at the door, and Kyle should have a nice cell so he can sleep it off.

Image: Youtube