White ‘Karen’ Calls Police on Black Attorneys After Patio Disagreement, Says Man Shoved Her

A black couple from New Jersey is speaking out after a confrontation with their white “Karen” neighbor.

The “Karen” in question called police on them after a property dispute led to some tense words. The black couple filmed the incident and posted it online.

Mr and Mrs. Hayat

Fareed Nassor Hayat said:

“If the police had come here and overreacted I could have been dead.”

That’s precisely why his wife, Norrinda, started filming the incident.

Norrinda said:

“I filmed her because she started to play race tricks that endangered both my husband and my children.”

It began over a dispute about whether or not the Hayat couple could build a patio in their own backyard.

The woman then called the police and claimed Mr. Hayat had pushed her ten feet. The other neighbors came out and witnessed the fact that Mr. Hayat did no such thing.

neighbors protesting

The neighbors then came out to the white woman’s house to protest her actions after watching this scene unfold.

The police came and left after being told that no one was hurt, but this could have turned ugly if it wasn’t for the camera and the witnesses.

This woman basically weaponized police against this Black couple. That is the definition of white supremacy. She had the privilege to think that police would take her word and arrest this man for something he didn’t do.

The Montclair police released the following statement:

“On June 29, 2020, at approximately 12:23 PM, police responded to a dispute between neighbors regarding construction being done on the property of a residence on Norman Road. During the dispute, the neighbor who questioned the homeowner states that she was pushed by the homeowner, but witnesses say that they did not observe any physical contact. The Department does not have any reports of any of the involved parties having previous disputes with any neighbors. As of this writing, no charges have been filed against anyone involved in this incident, which is still under investigation. No further information is available at this time.”

Featured image: YouTube screengrab.