Dallas Fiesta Mart ‘Karen’ Goes Ballistic When Asked to Wear a Mask, Throws Food Everywhere

The “Karens” are at it again. 2020 seems to be full of these entitled women that are throwing fits over various things. A woman at a Trader Joe’s in Hollywood, CA, threw a fit over being asked to wear a mask. A “Karen” in Seattle threw a fit because she was called out for her racism. Now, meet the food-throwing Karen in a Dallas Fiesta Mart.

Dallas Karen throwing food

In Dallas, a young white woman was asked to wear a mask, and she started throwing food on the floor and cursing at everyone. This is known to be a “rough” neighborhood in Dallas, so the only penalty she got was being publicly shamed on Twitter and being called a Karen.

She then left the store after throwing half of her cart of groceries on the floor. The manager can be heard in the background saying they should call the police. The strange part about this one is she had a mask in her hand. I don’t know why she couldn’t just put it on. Now, all of that food will have to be thrown away. I guess “Karens” have to be “Karen.”

Dallas Karen leaving store

Because of the spike in Coronavirus cases in the state, the Governor of Texas issued an order Thursday requiring people to wear masks in public places. He also limited gatherings to about ten people.

The identity of Fiesta Karen has not been confirmed as of writing, but a Twitter user with the handle @dfwkarenwatch alleges that she is a former employee of Baby Doll’s, a Northwest Dallas strip club.

Dallas Karen tweet

Featured Image: Twitter.