Two Teenage Girls Channel Vintage Heart and Absolutely Crush ‘Barracuda’ Cover

The famous rock band called Heart was formed in Seattle, Washington in 1970 and it evolved from an existing band. Though the band was in existence before it was joined by the iconic musical sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson, it’s hard to think about Heart without them, and in fact, they’re what made Heart as powerful as it was. In 2013, Heart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and as of 2020, Heart’s core members are still Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. Although they sang some folk music, the band actually rose to fame because of their hard-hitting rock and roll pieces, which many people found to be empowering, particularly women.

One of Heart’s most popular songs was “Barracuda,” which was on the band’s third studio album titled “Little Queen” in 1977. Released as the lead single from the album, it peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and spent 20 weeks there. The lyrics have an interesting backstory. Apparently, the record label Mushroom Records made up a crude story about a love affair between the two sisters to try to get publicity, and Ann Wilson channeled her rage at the label into this epic song.

Heart Barracuda Republican National Convention

The famous guitar riff in the song was inspired by the riff from a song by the band Nazareth, “This Flight Tonight,” which was a cover of Joni Mitchell’s original song. They got the idea for it when they opened for Nazareth and also for Queen in Europe. A ton of people have covered this song, but we found a video you’re going to love.

Heart Joni Mitchell Nazareth

In the video below, you’ll see two teenage girls positively crushing this classic rock song. They definitely do it justice! The young ladies are Brooke Colucci on drums and Moriah Formica doing vocals and playing the guitar. These young women have a bright future in music if they want it. Enjoy!

I look forward to lots more great stuff from these young ladies!

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