Unleash Your Toddler’s Inner Einstein! Quantum Physics App Makes It Easy

When you are five years old, the last thing you expect to deal with is physics. But what if I told you someone is making quantum physics a child’s game?

I KNOW! Crazy, right?

Well, from the genius creators of Angry Birds, meet Big Bang Legends! An app that introduces particle physics concepts to toddlers through a game.

Via Lightneer

At their launching event in Singapore, co-founder of Lightneer, Peter Vesterbacka, shared his excitement to create an app that teaches science to children.

“Five years ago we’d joke that one day we’ll teach quantum physics to five-year-olds. Now we’re seeing five-year-olds playing Big Bang Legends and having conversations about quarks, protons, and atoms. It’s pretty amazing.”

From what I understand, our friends here are trying to teach nuclear fusion, atomic composition, and particle physics and turn the periodic table into a lovely collection of characters.

Via Lightneer

In the game, children choose a scientific element to play with and go through mazes and puzzles collecting quarks and destroying anti-matter monsters.

Via Lightneer 
Via Lightneer

For now, it is only available for Southeast Asia, but you can actually sign up here to test it before anyone else does.


I’m not sure how, but they actually made physics sound so cool!

Featured Image via Lightneer