Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Wows the Judges and Earns the Golden Buzzer

We don’t see a lot of ventriloquists performing these days. However, Darci, who is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was born to perform as a singing ventriloquist. Dari first saw the art of ventriloquism in action when she was younger, so she asked her parents if she could try. If you are not familiar with the fading art of ventriloquism, it is when a person creates the illusion that their own voice is coming from their puppet. This skill is often referred to as ‘throwing your voice.’

Simon is shocked with Darci's performance

Say Hello to Petunia

Darci walks out on stage with a cute pink puppet. As she says hello to the judges, Darci is very giggly and excited. At this point, we cannot wait to see what she will do. The judges seem enchanted with Darci as they ask her about herself, and she introduces Petunia, her puppet. The judges ask her why ventriloquism, and she responds at minute 0:36. Darci explains, “she wants to keep ventriloquism alive.”

Wait, You’re Going to Sing?

As Darci begins her act, you expect she will probably do well, because of her introduction. However, her mastery of ventriloquism aside, we quickly realize that Darci is very talented. Her act begins at minute 0:51, and the music starts to play. Petunia announces that, yes, she is going to sing. Darci does not seem too happy about this at first. Darci’s response makes the next few seconds of the performance even better. You see, Darci can not only sing, but she can also sing while throwing her voice. You can watch this unfold at minute 1:03.

Darci Lynne's Golden Buzzer Moment

The judges are immediately impressed with Darci’s skills, as is the audience. Darci and Petunia receive a standing ovation from the audience and judges at the end of their performance. There are no surprises at the end of the expressive performance that Darci earns her Golden Buzzer moment at minute 3:13.

You can watch Darci and Petunia here:

We cannot stop watching this fantastic video, and we think you will feel the same.

Images: YouTube