Walk off the Earth Covers 20 Beatles Songs in Four Minutes

The Beatles is one of the most iconic bands that ever graced the music scene. Their songs transcend time, music format, and generations. Even some kids these days listen to the music of the Beatles, well those who know what good music is at least. On the 27th of February this year, the Canadian indie band, Walk Off The Earth, posted a video of them performing a medley of 20 of the most memorable songs of the Beatles.

Image credit: YouTube

In the video, titled A History of the Beatles 1962-1970, Walk Off the Earth performs a mashup of the Beatles songs in the order they were released from 1962 to 1970. The performance was filmed in front of a live audience, who had no idea that the band was going to perform at Rebel’s Rock Pub in Hamilton, Ontario. The band’s performance was a tribute to the members of the Beatles, John, George, Paul, and Ringo.

Image credit: YouTube

The band’s performance started with Love Me Do from 1962 and continued with I Want To Hold Your Hand from 1963, A Hard Day’s Night from 1964, Eight Days A Week from 1964, Yesterday from 1965, In My Life from 1965, I’ve Just Seen A Face from 1965, We Can Work It Out from 1965, Eleanor Rigby from 1966, Strawberry Fields Forever from 1967, Penny Lane from 1967, A Day In The Life from 1967, With A Little Help From My Friends from 1967, All You Need Is Love from 1967, Hello, Goodbye from 1967, Blackbird from 1968, Hey Jude from 1968, Here Comes The Sun from 1969, Come Together from 1969 and ending it with Let It Be from 1970.

The arrangement of the song was perfectly made with transitions like “so, please… I wanna hold your hand between the songs Love Me Do, and I Want To Hold Your hand, “Let me take you to Penny lane…” for the transition of Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane and “Hello, hello, I don’t know why you say goodbye I say, Blackbirds singing…” for Hello Goodbye and Blackbird. I think my words don’t do it justice though; you’ll have to watch the video below to appreciate it more.

According to them, “Walk off the Earth is a band. A band that is obsessed with making killer music in all its forms. Join us on our journey!” And join them, we shall!