Watch the Legendary Sting Being Slowly Tortured By Someone Butchering His Hit Song

As the son of a songwriter, I can tell you that every song is like their children. Some songs come to them in minutes, while others can take hours, days, weeks, even years to write. And once they are complete, like a mother bear, the artist is very protective of their art.

So it’s easy to imagine how the legendary artist known as Sting was feeling one night when he had to watch a man playing an acoustic guitar absolutely destroy his classic hit song “I’ll Be Watching You.”

The pain on this poor man’s face is undisguised as he watched José Feliciano and Jelena Krstic with The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek, lay waste to his song for four agonizing minutes. The crime scene was at 2017’s Polar Music Prize Ceremony.

While everyone’s going to want to have their own “take” on a song, I think Sting would have preferred Feliciano had kept his to himself! One commenter said this was one of the worst cases of Police brutality he’d ever seen.

Witness the madness unfold below.

Watching your song being butchered from WatchPeopleDieInside

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