WATCH This Guy Make Music With Bananas!

If you thought the title of this article made you go bananas, I swear it’s really true.

The product is called Makey, Makey, and its claim is that you can hook little probes up to bananas and then use them to make your own music.

You can create drum beats, bass beats, bongos, and even synth sounds! All at the touch of your bananas. Simply purchase the product, download the application to your digital device, plug in your bunch of bananas, and get to makin’ music!

What a fresh way to make musical sounds! Kids would go bananas over this! What an a-peel-ing gift!

Alright. I’m done.

Who knows!? Somewhere in the future might be a Neoclassical composer who will publish and premier a Banana Concerto!

If you wish to harvest your inner musician, you can find it here.


Featured image courtesy of Makey Makey.