Watch This Rare Footage of Angelina Jordan Singing ‘I Know I’m Not the Only One’ by Sam Smith

Angelina Jordan the little girl who auditioned to Norway’s Got Talent at the age of seven who did Billie Holiday’s “Gloomy Sunday” and awed the judges is really a rare gem. She has flourished to a priceless rare treasure. We have witnessed her journey to the entertainment world. She has covered a lot of songs from different legendary and prominent artists that because of her love for music she has done justice to all of them and even exceeded the expectations of the viewers. She has gone so far that she has performed all over the world and recorded albums. Her videos went viral and gathered over 300 million views on YouTube, what’s more amazing is she got over 1 billion views on Facebook.

The best ever i have heard of is her rendition of “I Know I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith, an English singer and songwriter and this song reached the top ten on the UK Billboard 100. Her version was really stunning and her voice was cool that it turned out better than that of the original one. The footage is shown of her with the whole family while enjoying the surroundings and the people they passed through while her music is being played on the background was really very enchanting. Bonding with family and at the same time doing music that she loves is really a marvelous sight.

Her love and passion for music have brought her to the peak of success, and her rose to fame was astounding. She is not only blessed with a stunning voice but also with a heart full of love. This downhearted young lady always performs barefooted, this is her tribute to the shoeless girl she met in a third world country.

We can’t get enough of her that we definitely want more of her performances.