We Just Found Out Baby Owls Sleep Face Down and It’s Completely Adorable

The majestic owls, known for their nocturnal nature and incredible adaptations, have continually been a mystery to most of us. These intriguing birds have captured the hearts and attention of millions of people. From their unique hooting calls to their ability to rotate their necks almost all the way around, there are just so many surprises that these birds provide to the most curious onlookers. And now, even their babies, the youngest of their kind, are here to surprise us one more time! If you think that baby owls are adorable enough with their cuddly cuteness and round eyes, just wait until you see them take a restful nap. In fact, an image of a sleeping owlet has lately been breaking the internet.

Apparently, baby owls sleep face down and it’s unbelievably adorable! And if you haven’t known about their cute long legs yet, well today’s your lucky day. You’ll get to see not just their ‘passed out’ state but also their surprising furry cat-like legs. The craze all started when journalist Mark Rees tweeted a picture of an owl collapsing on the sand in an exhausted heap. This has catapulted these irresistible birds, once again, to fame which has then been the talk of the town on all sorts of social media platforms.

Interestingly, it is said that juvenile owls sleep on their stomachs because their heads are simply too heavy for their developing muscles to keep upright. But what’s more fascinating is that they can still manage to not fall out of the tree as they snooze. This is because their back toes called the hallux, grip tightly onto the branch even when they doze off and only let go when they move their legs to stretch and straighten. And in case you’re wondering, they totally hate it when they’re disturbed during the deep slumber. They only sleep for a short while and would love to be left unbothered for that period of time. And no, even food won’t make you excused.

Continue scrolling and see for yourself why people all over the world are immensely obsessed with them.

Have you seen owl legs before?

I wonder what this cutie is dreaming of.

How about this?

These two look like their praying.


Hey there, bud.


Oh did they wake you?


Who knew they have long legs?


Go back to sleep, sleepyhead.


Hang in there, don’t move too much.


Aww, adorable.


Cute guy.


Oh babies!


He sure looks comfy.


Sleep tight, little owl.


Oops, are you ok?


Soo cute!


Comfy, cuddly.


Oh, hi there.


Well, this has been an adorable and curious day full of sleepy owls. I guess we truly learn new things every day and this, by far, is one of my favorites!