Weird And Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Disneyland

Walt Disney created a world of magic throughout the years and in many forms. However, movies and books can’t compare to the wondrous theme park, Disneyland, and all the magic it has to offer. But behind all of that magic is the reality that fills most theme parks, and Disneyland is no exception. The illusion must be shattered at some point. Here are some incredible facts that you’d never guess about Disneyland.

Things Have Come a Long Way

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Walt Disney originally believed that Disneyland should be in California, across from Walt Disney Studios, but a new location was ultimately decided on.

In fact, Walt Disney had his own secret apartment, located within the park, above the fire department on Main St. to keep him close to home and to his work.

When the park opened all those years ago, there were only 18 attractions, which is only a blip compared to the whopping 51 that are offered today. And if you can believe it, on opening day admission was only $1.00!

The famous Mickey Mouse ears are the most popular souvenirs, then and now. Over 84 million of these happy hats have been sold.

Hidden within Disneyland’s Matterhorn is a small basketball court that’s only for employees. Talk about a cool place to work. These are just a few details that have been left out of the brochure.

Only Big Fans Know This

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Did you know that every single year Disneyland sells 2.8 million churros to guests? Or that up until the year 2000 employees had to be clean shaven, no mustaches or beards allowed in this park?

Club 33 is the only place to find a beer in the whole park or any alcohol, for that matter. Walt Disney needed at least one place to entertain his adult guests.

The spinning teacups that honor the Mad Hatter, feature two specific cups, the orange and purple, that spin faster than the rest.

The park was miraculously constructed and built in just one year.

Even crazier than that, the park allows around two hundred stray cats to roam the park to keep it rodent free.

You’d Never Guess

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You’d have to be really dedicated to pick up on this detail, but the Haunted Mansion has 999 ghosts in it and there’s a hidden pet cemetery located on the mansion’s side lawn.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Steve Martin both worked at Disneyland before their acting careers really took off. Pfeiffer played Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Martin embodied a magician.

Another fascinating detail about Disneyland is the time capsule that was buried in Sleeping Beauty’s castle in 1995. This will be opened on the park’s 80th anniversary in 2035, we can’t wait to see what magic is inside.

Let’s face it, these unknown details only make us love Disneyland that much more.

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