What A Time To Be Alive — You Can Now Download Rare Mozart Manuscripts

Budding piano players, and even advanced ones, learn from having the sheet music to follow. It can be frustrating finding new music, or the exact music you want. This may be solved with the Morgan Library Music Manuscript Online Project.

Mozzart 4

There are libraries where you can go and check out music, but that can be confusing. You need to make sure you are getting the music for piano, for example, as opposed to orchestration or vocals. With the Morgan Library online you can know exactly what you are getting, and the history alone is fascinating.

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There is an amazing number of sheet music manuscripts available. You can download Mozart’s coming singspiel “Der Schauspieldirektor” for one. You can see a copy of the original manuscript, complete with his autograph and notes. It is 84 pages and you can download it free.

There are about 500 manuscripts available for free download. They are planning to add more to the collection. You may search their database by composer or by the name of the piece.

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There are a lot of big name classical pieces available, and you can see notes and corrections they made. You can see notations made by Chopin’s Plonaises fo Piano, and the notes he made. The serious music student will love seeing how pieces were developed, such as Bach’s Toccata and Fuge for Organ in D minor. There is also opera and ballet, such as Pucinni’s work.

Others include Brahms, Beethoven, Faure, Lists, Mahler, Shubert and many others.

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There are not many women represented, but there are a few. Fanny Hensel Mendelssohn’s sister, and her song Selmar and Selma. You can see the pencil decorations she made on the work.

The Morgan Library is planning to add to its list of musical manuscrips. THey ae also planning to add essays and papers about those manuscripts by scholars.

image via: OpenCulture