When You’re Caught Red-Handed, But Lying Requires a Bigger Vocabulary

One of my favorite things about raising children was watching them grow into personalities of their very own. It’s fascinating that most kids start off with a simple set of values and they’re completely incapable of lying. Then, alas, they eventually grow and learn and quickly discover that they can sometimes get themselves out of a bind by simply saying something different than what actually happened. In other words, they learn how to lie! We all did at one time or another, and most of us lie sparingly thank goodness, with a few people finding lying so convenient that they make a life practice of it.

For most kids, the most interesting thing they discover once they get up and start exploring their home (after learning how to walk) is the toilet. You can put something in there and it just magically disappears when you press the little handle. Also, it’s a ready tub of water that’s just waiting to be played in, and kids love playing in water, after all. It’s simply irresistible. In the video below, the little boy got busted red-handed putting a tube of toothpaste in the toilet, and when confronted, he tried to offer an explanation, but he just couldn’t come up with a good one.

Dishonest Ninja kids who lie

When the man filming the video (presumably his dad) asked him how the toothpaste got in the potty, the little boy tried to give a solid explanation and babbled incoherently for a minute, but when directly asked if he put the toothpaste in the toilet, he didn’t even hesitate. He just said, “Yeah.” hahaha!

little boy puts toothpaste in the toilet lying requires a larger vocabulary
Reddit video screengrab

Watch this hilariously adorable video below. This little man has no future as a politician.

Caught red handed….. and lying requires a larger vocabulary. from WatchPeopleDieInside

We love this little guy!

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