Whitney Houston Effortlessly Hits 7 Notes In Under Second While Speaking Casually

The world is filled with millions of good singers, thousands of great singers, but very few once-in-a-lifetime talents like Whitney Houston. While many might think she was simply born with an incredible gift, Houston would probably be the first to tell you (if she was still with us) that she spent countless hours developing that gift into the voice we all know and love. By the way, you can stream her entire “Best Of” album on Amazon Music.


During an old interview (which probably took place sometime in the ’90s), Houston explained why she and Mariah Carey are two very different singers. She said that Mariah hits different notes and has a totally different sound from hers. However, she did point out that they may share some of the same vocal inflections and proceeded to demonstrate by humming seven notes in under a second as effortlessly as you and I blinking! Watch and be amazed.

There will never be another Whitney Houston, and fans lucky enough to have witnessed her greatness in-person when she was alive will always have the precious memory of being in the presence of greatness. Please be sure to share this clip with your friends and family.