Why Did This Adorable 3-Year-Old Girl Cut Her Hair? She’ll Explain (Video)

The beautiful little girl you see in this video is named Ansleigh.

Dad came home recently and found that his daughter her cut off most of her hair.  Her pretty, blonde, shoulder-length locks have been replaced by what can best be referred to as a mullet.

So Dad asks his daughter:

Why’d you cut your hair?

Her reply:

Because Jessica cuts hair.

Jessica is a professional hairstylist and Ansleigh wanted to practice on herself so she could be just like her.

But instead of getting upset, the father is understanding, and at the end of the video you hear Ansleigh exclaim:

Soon, I’m gonna work with my friend Jessica. When I get big.

Ansleigh, we hope all of your dreams come true and you get to work and be a success at whatever you choose to do.