‘Yes, Queen!’ People Are Applauding Little Girl Rocking Rage Against the Machine Cover

People all over the world are applauding a nine-year-old girl’s amazing Rage Against the Machine cover. As a tribute to Solidarity in Fight to end Racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement, British-Amazulu viral drummer girl Nandi Bushell. In the video, she plays Guerilla Radio by Rage Against the Machine, one of her favorite bands since she was a baby. Nadi amazingly plays the lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums, of course, with her signature enthusiasm and screams!

Nandi Bushell went viral when her father posted a video of her playing a cover of Nirvana’s In Bloom in December last year. The one-minute forty-three-second video has gathered more than a million views since it was posted. Nandi’s rocking talents have caught the eyes of a lot of famous people like Ellen DeGeneres and Rage Against the Machine’s very own lead guitarist, Tom Morello, who gave her his signature Fender guitar.

Ellen DeGeneres invited Nandi to the show last year, where she played In Bloom by Nirvana. In the interview, Ellen asked her why she screamed when she played the drums, “Well, I can be free and just let everything out, then I lay down because I get tired and then I go back to screaming and let it all out again,” she answered. To which Ellen replied, “Wow! I think all of us should start playing the drums!”

We all know how much pent up feeling nine-year-old kids have, right? If only everyone in the world had a way to release everything they are keeping inside, the world would be a happier place! In case you have nothing to help you release whatever you have pent up inside, watch her video, it will surely help you let go of your bottled up frustrations!

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with fighting for what you believe in and doing something about, just as long you’re not hurting anyone, just like Nandi here.

Featured Image: YouTube