Young Woman Belts Out Powerful Performance of ‘I Will Survive’ and It Gives All the Strong Women Feels

In this generation, men and women are equal. We are no longer in the age where men are superior to women. Females can do a lot of things now, especially taking roles in society and calculate risks. Empowering women has been long-time advocacy and has been recognized since then. If I were to dedicate a song for every woman of today, that would be Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” This song has been widely known for its empowering message and upbeat that will definitely make you dance the moment you hear it. It sends a strong message to all the females, even Gaynor once said,

“I love the empowering effect, I love the encouraging effect. It’s a timeless lyric that addresses a timeless concern.”


The song has lived since October 1978, became known to the world where even the young generation of today still knows the song so well. Proof of that is this one young busker performing “I Will Survive” in one corner at Grafton Street in Dublin. Together with the band, Allie Sherlock did not just survive the performance but ace the song and won the hearts of the crowd. The band started with a few watchers and end up with one huge group! In the video, Allie and the gang are so unique and epic! Nice music and excellent singing prowess. Along with Allie is a band composed of individual buskers such as Fabio Rodrigues and John Mahon for the guitar and Jason who plays the drums.


Allie Sherlock started her career at a young age. She became famous on Youtube for her covers of Ed Sheeran’s “Supermarket Flowers” back in 2017. She is also a guitarist and a renowned busker in Dublin. She often performs in Grafton Street. If you are in Dublin and wanna hear a tremendous great voice, you’ve got to visit Grafton Street. Today, she earned more than three million subscribers on Youtube! She won the hearts of many for her strong voice and an attitude that will surely come a long way.

If you haven’t watched it yet, check out their video below.

We’re pretty sure, Gloria Gaynor approves of Allie’s version of “I Will Survive.” She would love every second of the performance! ‘Cause we, we certainly do!