1000 People from 64 Countries Come Together to Sing ‘Something Just like This’

With the current situation today, the world is filled with pain and fear. Riots are happening everywhere, and there appears to be an increasing number of scares on the streets. Everybody is in panic mode, and it looks like we are all doomed. But, from time to time, you also see people extending a hand and getting united to lift the world’s camaraderie. And those are the light threads that hold us together, keeping our hope for a better future ahead, just like this amazing massive acapella performance led by YouTuber and musician Mike Tompkins.

Mike has been making YouTube videos since 2007 and has garnered around 2.4 million subscribers. He was born in Alberta, Canada, and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. In this act, he asked a thousand people from 64 different countries to record themselves singing The Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s hit tune, “Something Just Like This.” And this will remind you that human compassion and love will always be present in every corner of the world. The wonderful display is matched with the heartwarming lyrics that depict the real meaning of a genuine relationship.

1000-peoplePeople from all walks of life sang the piece together and offered their wonderful voice. Some chose to play the melodies of the song, and others are beatboxing or playing the backup vocals. The overall performance isn’t just beautiful but has also conveyed a colorful message of hope to all races and religions. That despite the trials and tribulations we are facing today, we will always find a way to experience and give love. Mike has even included snippets of compassionate people doing selfless deeds, somehow depicting further the goodness of humanity.

1000-people-64-countriesCheck the video below and be reminded that we’re all in this together.

Humanity restored! You’d definitely want something just like this. Kudos to the exceptional editor, though!