11-Year-Old George Harliono Plays ‘Moonlight Sonata’ on a Street Piano Despite the Rain

This young man will definitely take your breath away with his exceptional talent! George Harliono was just passing by at a park in Soho, London when his favorite instrument has caught his eyes. Once he realized that it was a public piano, open for everyone to play, he immediately mustered up the courage to sit in front of it and give the musical keys a go. What the crowd didn’t know is that the little guy has brought with him a delightful surprise.

George took his chance and braced himself for a bit before performing. And as soon as his tiny fingers touched the piano keys, people couldn’t believe their ears. It was surreal! Not to mention that this talent was just 11 years old at this time. He played a classical piece of Mikhail Glinka and Mili Balakirev called “The Lark.” The heartwarming tune was soft and mellow, and the way this boy performed it seamlessly made everyone stop in their tracks just to see where exactly the striking melody was coming from. People were captivated! But our prodigy isn’t done yet.

As the crowd started to grow in size, he showed off his musical flair once again. This time, he chose a famous piece of Beethoven, “Moonlight Sonata (Movement 3)”. And if you have knowledge about classical music, you sure do understand how difficult and complicated this piece is. As his public show continued, he blew everyone’s mind and made their jaw drop as he perfectly played the 3rd movement of Moonlight Sonata by memory! That’s right; he didn’t need any copy at all! All he needed was his brilliant mind, his well-trained hands, and his love for music. I almost didn’t want it to end!

Watch the soul-stirring performance below and see this musical genius play in the rain.

The act wouldn’t have happened if not for the British multi-talented artist, Luke Jerram, and his team. He spearheaded a project called “Play Me, I’m Yours” which is basically how it sounds. They install pianos in public places all around the globe to encourage even beginners to take a seat and just enjoy making music. The platform allowed people to display their art and connect to the crowd. And George is one of the many who was able to show the world his brilliance through this.