12-Year-Old Country Girl Kadie Lynn Stuns America’s Got Talent Crowd

Sometimes all we need is one opportunity to show the world what we are capable of. A stunning 12-year-old found the greatest opportunity of her life when she joined famous America’s Got Talent last 2016. Kadie Lynn Roberson or famously known as country girl Kadie Lynn first stunned the well-known picky Simon Cowell with her first audition on the famous franchise. She is from Kemp Texas and was born in 2003, she was adopted by her parents ever since she was born. According to her mother, they picked Kadie up when she was just 3 years old and ever since then, Kadie always thinks of them as her real parents.

Kadie, who at the young age of 3 already shows an incredible passion for music, wowed the audiences and judges with her amazing rendition of “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert. Before she was able to showcase her talent, she made sure that she was able to tell her hero Reba McEntire, one of the judges, how much she loved her. The way she was able to hit the note and sings her heart out shows that she owns the stage. You can definitely see the next queen of country music in her. According to Mel B, she has a very distinctive voice and if she ever hears Kadie’s voice on the radio she can definitely tell who’s the owner of the magnificent voice.

Watch how this adorable teenager wowed the audience and judges in her own rendition of country music below.

Nowadays, Kadie is continuing to serenade and wow her audiences all over North Texas. As a young writer, composer, guitarist, and an artist, Kadie is certainly growing, maturing, and learning to reach the new height of her dream career. If you can’t get enough of her incredible voice and charisma, check out her social media accounts and support her music.