17-Month-Old Angel Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ for Her Dad and Social Media

What does the most 17-month-old baby set of activities are? Does singing “Amazing Grace” come to your mind? If not, probably you would with this cute baby girl named Maya. Hearing babies talks a few words and walk around to play make their parents proud. However, singing a song that even some adults have a hard time singing could melt our hearts. Record it in a video and upload it to YouTube lead to an internet sensation in the tune of more than 2 million views. Maya, a little angel with a golden voice and exceptional inborn talent, was recorded by her father while singing “Amazing Grace” for the world to see.

At such a young age, Maya is already beaming with confidence, thanks to her parents’ loving support. “Now, can you sing ‘Amazing Grace?'” her father asks. She sings her heart out in a typical cute baby voice without any hesitation but amazingly done with correct lyrics. At first, she’s a little bit shy, and then she starts to swing her arms as she enjoys her precious moment in front of her father’s camera. “Very good,” her father told her after singing. Then without asking, she sings “ABC,” and though with some gibberish words and few pause, it makes us wonder how many 17-months-old babies can memorize the 26 letters alphabet.

As the father sees her enjoying herself singing, he then asks her to sing “You Are My Sunshine.” She’s so adorable in her cute tone as she jumps, dances, and make a hugging pose while singing the song. Indeed, she’s gifted, willing to showcase her talents, and has all the parental supports. With all these necessary ingredients for her success, it’s an exciting thought to wonder how much potential this young kid has. But, wait, there’s more as she will show her other amazing gifts besides singing.

After singing, her father asks Maya to count from one to ten. If that’s not impressive enough, then how about in Spanish? Yes, with a little help, she did it until diez! Oops, I number ten! Besides her cuteness and adorable personality, her intelligence is another trait that’s hard not to notice.

So, she sings well and can count in Spanish. Well, she’s not done yet! Her father challenges her with math questions like simple addition. 1+1 might be simple, yet amazing she knows the answer for her young age. But, 19+1? Well, go watch for yourself and see what I’m talking about. You can thank me later. 🙂

She ends the video with “I love you.” To credit the father, it shows how supporting and loving he is as a parent. Coupled with amazing talents and intelligence, it’s clear to see a brighter future is waiting for our little Maya.